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Experience Sound at the Haus der Musik

Haus der Musik

The absolute sound experience for young and old alike.

Have you ever taken your kids to the Haus der Musik? If not, you should definitely plan a visit. With various timely computer programs as accompaniments, you’ll not only hear sound—you’ll also see, feel… nay, taste and smell don’t work just yet—not yet!

You should really take time for your visit to the Haus der Musik. Two hours are the absolute minimum in which you can get an overview of the manifold things on offer. Simply try everything once and then perhaps come back to a given station. What especially caught my attention is that the individual stations are well-maintained and they all work properly. Therefore nothing gets in the way of your children’s urge to discover.

House of Music

Haus der Musik

Waltz dice & conducting

Right at the beginning, in the Vienna Philharmonic’s exhibition space, you have the opportunity of “rolling the dice” to compose a waltz. The computer is really sensitive; it therefore pays off to read the instructions carefully.

In the exhibition space of the must-have composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, et al.), you’ll receive an audio guide at the beginning. It contains a children’s tour, in which Marko Simsa leads you through the rooms and presents one or more puzzles. Who will be the first to find the Queen of the Night?

The highlight of the Haus der Musik for both young and old comes right afterwards. Here, you can conduct the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic. Here’s a tip: Always hold the conductor’s baton in the direction of the blinking sensor—since the Wiener Philharmoniker is thoroughly strict…. Try it out!

Additional tip: Children’s concerts in the Haus der Musik

Marko Simsa and Bernd Fibich regularly perform children’s concerts in the Haus der Musik.
My absolute favorite piece is “Philip the Frog and the Secret of the Water.”

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