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MondoVino 2011

The WEIN & CO wine festival in the Vienna Konzerthaus

Wine lovers in Vienna will get their money’s worth in 2011 too. At 3:00 PM on 11 and 12 November 2011, the WEIN & CO festival “MondoVino” will take place in the dignified, festive ambience of the Vienna Konzerthaus.

At MondoVino, wine lovers and connoisseurs not only have the possibility of tasting thousands of wines from the world over, they also get to know their backgrounds and above all the people who are best able to inform them about their products—the wine growers and wine producers themselves.

Exclusive champagnes and top liqueurs can likewise be tried. In 2011, for the first time, there will also be a so-called “FineWine Lounge” in which wine rarities are available for tasting.

In terms of cuisine, the finest delicacies and chocolates will be on offer. The ever-popular show cooking will also again be present in 2011.

As an event venue, the Vienna Konzerthaus enjoys a unique reputation that is built upon three merits: working with tradition in a lively manner, unlocking new audiences via bold programming, and being open to new developments. These virtues have accompanied the Konzerthaus since its beginning in 1890 (see the Vienna Konzerthaus website for a quote and further details).

Thus, nothing stands in the way of tasteful afternoons – I’ve already made a note of the date and have secured tickets – these are available for € 35 per person (with the WEIN & CO Vino Card). A ticket for both days is also offered at a reduced price!

For more information, please see the Wein & Co. Festival website.

Image source: MondoVino 2011 – Das WEIN & CO. Festival – Event Highlight – ©

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