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Vienna Ice Dream at City Hall Square

Wiener Eistraum

Skating in the centre of Vienna

Already since 1996, the square in front of Vienna’s City Hall has been transformed into a spectacular ice skating landscape every January—the Vienna Ice Dream.

Admittedly, the Vienna Ice Dream has long since ceased being an insiders’ tip. There are times during which there’s no shortage of people who are more or less certain to be on the ice. Nonetheless, for me, the Vienna Ice Dream is a must each and every year. This week the temerature is absolutley perfect for skating.

In addition to both of the large ice rinks—a total of 7000 m²—this year the paths through City Hall Park have been expanded by a few curves. As always, children can practice on a separate space during the day for free. Skating penguins are sought-after ice skating learning aids. In the evenings, this rink is rented for Bavarian curling.

Year after year, I’m thrilled by the perfect organization surrounding the ice skating rink, beginning with purchasing tickets (with magnetic stripes, as with ski passes), to skate rentals (large, pre-warmed selection), to the storage of bags and shoes in the depot. How should it be any different? Of course, food and drinks are also catered for. A City Hall square without gastronomy is now pretty much unimaginable to us. What’s particularly nice is that there are small bistro tables so that children are also able to eat comfortably, as well as gastronomy with service in the “Skihütte” for you to warm up and let go.

I concede that being on a frozen lake may be idyllic. Yet the scenery in front of City Hall and the ice path through City Hall Park are simply spectacular. It’s something you simply have to see for yourself.

Daily through March 4, 2012
Details arround the Wiener Eistraum

Picture: Peter Buocz

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