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“This Was Once My Home,” short presentation on my visit to the Jewish Museum Vienna

Experiencing history differently.


At the beginning of February a good friend suggested that I visit a film presentation in the Jewish Museum called “This Was Once My Home.”

Once I informed myself as to the film’s contents, my expectations were very high and I looked forward to seeing it. We went to the Jewish Museum on the evening of February 13, 2012and saw the film presentation.

And now a bit about the contents: It’s about nine people who were driven from Austria and went all over the world to build new lives for themselves. It was not until decades later that they returned to Austria to report on the terrible events in order to leave the world something rather special.

I honestly have to confess that the film is emotionally very stirring. The stories of the protagonists will affect you deeply and you’ll feel for them.

These are only nine of countless stories, yet precisely these stories allow us to think back to the terrible Nazi era and commemorate the victims.

Briefly summarized, I can say that it was a successful evening, one that took a lot from me emotionally and touched me deeply through its authentic style.

 I can only recommend that everyone take a close look at the Jewish Museum’s program page every now and then and visit the various events.


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