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Hotel staff: the chambermaid

Schick Hotels Team

Cleanliness a must!

To have a truly pleasant and relaxing stay, cleanliness in the chosen hotel, and especially in the individual accommodation allotted, is one of travelers’ main criteria.

Dust, dirt, burned-out light bulbs, an empty minibar, an untidy and stuffy room… all of these are “things” and “conditions” that we’d rather do without during our vacations. If the room isn’t clean, there’s something fishy about it, as the saying goes…. 

A well-functioning team is also imperative in housekeeping. Reliability, exactness, competence and coordination are musts. 

The job as a chambermaid (also called a parlor maid) is surely not among the easiest, but then again what is? The prerequisite for a smooth daily routine is good communication with the reception and scheduling accordingly. Who is leaving? Who is staying? Who is arriving? Who is moving to a different room?

Yes, such a checklist can sometimes be quite exciting….

Each room, regardless of whether it’s for someone who’s arriving, departing or staying, is entered and cleaned every day. For the Schick Hotels, this means 366 rooms on average. These by no means only include single rooms! On top of that are the restaurants, the entry halls, the corridors, the lounges, the seminar rooms, the office rooms, etc.

I once asked Mrs. Barna (housekeeper in the Hotel Stefanie):
– How do you distribute the work so that nothing gets forgotten? She answered, “A good team is imperative. I need to be able to rely on my girls every bit as much as they do me in distributing the work. A mutual back-and-forth is the most important thing.

I asked Mrs. Preyer (housekeeper in the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer):
– Do you check everything?
– Every day has its challenges. Of course you have to check certain things for yourself, yet I demand a certain independence and reliability from my girls.

The good average scores in the cleanliness columns of the various review portals confirm all the hard work to date and motivate the team to further brilliant performances!

Are you already planning your next vacation? We’re already cleaning….

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