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Bon appétit at the ZOOM Children’s Museum

ZOOM Museum for children

“Crunch, Munch, Slurp”: the new exhibition in the Children’s Museum

I’ve already outed myself as a fan of the ZOOM Children’s Museum and I’m also very happy to introduce the current exhibition. This time, it involves our food, what it consists of and what happens to it in our bodies.

© ZOOM Kindermuseum J.J. Kucek

© ZOOM Kindermuseum J.J. Kucek

For starters, everyone meets in the bakery and kneads his or her own personal spelt roll, which may be eaten at the end – a good start to bring the children closer to the fact that smelling and tasting can be a great adventure.

At many stations we can then work through digestion and hear what our organs have to tell us. We select our favorite set meal and eagerly await what the body has to say about it. Surprise – it’s not always thrilled!

Who here has ever milked a cow or made flour him- or herself? Then let’s get to work! With this exhibition, the ZOOM Children’s Museum has taken up a topic to which we can never call too much attention. What does our food consist of, what should we pay attention to in our food, and is there even enough food in the world?

Sour, salty, sweet, bitter and…

Do you know UMAMI – this is a new taste which monosodium glutamate (the taste enhancer MSG) of all things has given rise to.  From Wikipedia

Children like schnitzel and French fries

That may be, yet children like a lot of other things too. I hereby plead for the option to order regular dishes in restaurants as “small portions,” in order to get away from those dreadful children’s menus. After all, there are also adults who don’t eat broccoli or who find spinach gross – yet they’re able to choose from a comprehensive menu. What do you think?

That’s why I asked around in our Schick Restaurants and was happy to hear that this is possible in all of them without any difficulty. Bravo!

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