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The Hotel’s location

Hotel Am Parkring

A central location, yet one that is not loud, metropolitan yet calm and idyllic…

…everything reachable on foot yet with low traffic. So what’s next? Well, “perfect” would be the appropriate word!

Often, we know exactly what we want, yet actually getting it isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible.

When you visit a city for the first time, your expectations are very high and we’re usually met with some surprises. The “centrally located” hotel turns out not to be so centrally located and the restaurants and bars in the area raise the noise level considerably.

What should you know about Vienna in order to book the right accommodation?

Vienna offers an outstandingly well-thought-out public transportation network. If you book a hotel that is near an underground station, a tram or a train station, you already have a major advantage. Everything that is then too far to reach on foot can quickly and easily be reached by public transport.

For precise information, please see the Wiener Linien website.

The city of Vienna’s red trams run between 5:00 AM and midnight, so even if a tram line runs near the hotel, you can expect your sleep to be undisturbed by tram noise.

By the way, in the 3rd District there is a tram museum. For detailed information, please visit the following website.

If you’re longing for a bit of calm in the city, you’ll find enough parks and cozy coffee houses that will invite you to linger for a little while. Take the Stadtpark, for instance, which was Vienna’s first public park.

The 1st District is the heart of Vienna, so to speak. Here, you’ll find St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the Kärntner Strasse, Schwedenplatz, the Museum of Art History and the Museum of Natural History, the Albertina and much more.

Other districts in Vienna also offer many attractions. Here is a selection.

In the end, selecting a location and suitable accommodation is incumbent upon every one of us, according to our individual tastes and desires.

Have you made your choice?

Article image source: our Dir. Peter Buocz

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