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Hotel staff: Service personnel

Restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph

Immediately upon entering a restaurant,

we are absorbed by the impressions we are accustomed to and expect: the noises of silverware and dishes, guests conversing with one another or studying the menu.

Amidst these orderly happenings, we see them: the service personnel. They make every effort to serve each table as quickly as possible and cater to the desires of every guest. We are greeted with a friendly smile and directed to a free table.

Where does the term Kellner (waiter) come from and what do we expect?

The German term Kellner is a medieval employment title that stems from the Latin cellarius, meaning Kellermeister (lit. “cellar master”). The cellarius or Kellerer had the right to supervise the vineyard as well as other parts of the property, above all the Vorratskeller (Lat. cellarium, meaning “cellar storeroom”) (source: Wikipedia).

A waiter or waitress should be friendly and professional, know the menu and be able to give recommendations, for the special of the day, for putting together a meal or for a suitable wine, for instance. One is often advised by excellent sommeliers!

It is of course desirable that everything goes without a hitch. For this to occur, a coordinated team is necessary, from the trainee up to the head of service.

If everything proceeds well, from placing the orders to the performance of the service and kitchen staff, you can concentrate on your meal and enjoy your visit to the restaurant.

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