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Top 5 vantage points over Vienna

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Vienna viewed from above

Do you also like to keep an overview of things? You don’t have to go book a sightseeing flight. If it’s an overview of Vienna you’re looking for, there are lots of vantage points. Here are my highly personal places from which I like to get a view of Vienna.

Vantage point 1)


My favorite vantage point over Vienna. Take the Höhenstrasse up to the parking lot, then take a deep breath and enjoy a beautiful view. You can combine the view wonderfully with an excursion with the whole family. The farm at Cobenzl, the tree of life circle, a great adventure playground – I’ll write about all these things in a blog entry specially dedicated to them.

Vantage point 2)

Blumenrad in the Prater

It’s cheaper than the Riesenrad giant Ferris wheel, you sit in the open air and it goes faster. Good weather is of course a prerequisite.

Vantage point 3)

The Schick Restaurant in the Hotel Am Parkring

In the highest building on Vienna’s Ringstrasse, with a view extending all the way to the Schneeberg mountain. My tip: Eat the appetizer while the sun’s still shining, the main course during sunset and the dessert in front of the romantic setting of the lighted city.

View over Vienna from Hotel Am Parkring

View over Vienna from Hotel Am Parkring

Vantage point 4)

Danube Tower (Donauturm)

… is simply a must. It’s best with afternoon coffee!

Vantage point 5)


You won’t be alone there, though time and again a walk to the Gloriette proved why the Habsburgs built a palace at this location. Ignore the masses and enjoy the view over hilly Vienna.

Have I failed to mention your personal favorite view of Vienna?
Feel free to write in – I look forward to your additions to my blog entry here or on our Facebook page!

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