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The individual portals: the booking portals


Who doesn’t know them, globally throughout the world ….

….. independent of destination, budget or price range?

Various booking platforms have established themselves: fast, professional and worldwide. Thanks to the majority of criteria that are quickly sifted through and correspond to your personal desires, the hotels in your target city are listed clearly, one below the other.

Why, then, should you take the trouble to click on individual websites and limit yourself to a single hotel when you have the possibility of comparing several offers at once?

A difficult question with a difficult answer? Yes and no. Taking time to make the right decision when booking a hotel can’t be wrong. On the hotels’ respective websites, you can gather many details that may be decisive in determining whether or not a given hotel or offer is the right one for you.

Interesting information on activities, reservation inquiries and direct raffles can be quickly and easily queried directly. They are not forwarded to third parties; instead, they are quickly processed and answered.

The price structure can of course also be an additional important aspect. At Schick Hotels, you’ll find a best price guarantee directly on the homepage; the up-to-date, lowest price is thereby guaranteed and only a couple of clicks away. Try it for yourself here.

 What about the reviews?

Booking portals have long recognized that reviews can be the deciding factor in potential customers’ decisions and have thus built them into the respective pages on their sites.

Personally, I find this to be a very important point and naturally always take a bit of a closer look at the design. What especially bothers me about the updates is the missing classification possibility for the hotelier. More and more portals publish “anonymous” reviews, which unfortunately can no longer be constructively and consistently processed.

On the direct websites, each hotelier can decide which review possibilities he or she wishes to offer, beginning with guestbooks, links to external portals or custom solutions.

How do things look for you? Where do you book your hotel?

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