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Anniversary premiere of musical Elisabeth in Vienna

Musical Elisabeth in Vienna

“… Eliiisabeeeeth….” The empress is returning to Vienna, in the Raimund Theater.

After 20 years, the most popular German-language musical is once again making its way back to Vienna, to the Raimund Theater on September 5, 2012. Since its world premiere in 1992, the musical has celebrated worldwide success: Elisabeth has been translated into seven languages and has traveled as far as Korea and Japan!

I have already seen the musical Elisabeth twice and I still have melodies from songs such as “I Belong to Me” and “If I Were Your Mirror” in my head. Nevertheless, hearing “… Eliiiisabeeeeth…” sung from the dead gives me goose bumps every time. I’m therefore already very excited about the current production, the stage set and the new cast and have bought tickets right away.

Do you also already have tickets?


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