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The Individual Portals: Customer Alliance

Praterau im Winter

Unlike the review portals already introduced in this blog…

Customer Alliance involves the possibility of actively contacting guests in order to receive authentic feedback.

In the Web 2.0 era, it is important to us to be present on the internet and to encourage feedback on our website. A guest who is interested in our Schick Hotels should thereby get the opportunity to read genuine guest evaluations, without manipulation, on an independent system, in order to form an impression and then decide whether or not to book with us.

The first thought was a guestbook; however, this would have made processing and analysis highly complicated.

Through Customer Alliance, we now have the possibility of asking every guest directly and publishing his or her review directly on our website, where it can be accessed and read by anyone and everyone. Potential guests can thereby make a direct decision as to whether to book or not.

The responses that we receive make it possible for us to obtain revealing information on guest satisfaction in the various sections and important ideas for optimization. In addition, the system also offers a statistics module, which displays insight into the latest developments.

The questionnaire can be generated individually by each hotel and is thereby adjusted to the individual qualities of the hotel and its respective location. Having guests offer opinions on services that aren’t available at a given hotel can thus be avoided.

Only guests who have actually had an overnight stay at the hotel and who have recently checked out are invited to submit a review. It’s not possible to register for the system oneself.

Regardless of whether it’s a complaint or praise, the respective hotel has the possibility to comment on each individual review and to contact the guest both personally and publicly.

In conclusion: You should also take advantage of this opportunity. Let us know what you liked and where we can become more charming! Thank you.

Article image source: our Dir. Peter Buocz

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