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A journey through time at the ZOOMChildren’s Museum Vienna

Museum for children in Vienna

“Once upon a time… it was the Middle Ages” – the new exhibition at the Children’s Museum

I would describe the new exhibition at the ZOOM Children’s Museum Vienna as “bombastic.” Vast quantities of wood were processed in order to make the scenery as realistic as possible and thereby bring children closer to the exciting subject of the Middle Ages. After a brief introduction, visitors close their eyes and time is turned back 1000 years.

Medieval occupational choice at the Children’s Museum

The highlight for valiant little knights is the jousting tournament, in which dragons and bears are fought in a competition with another brave knight.
In the meantime, noble damsels practice writing with a quill or designing a cathedral window.

Since gender roles today are no longer as narrowly defined as they once were, everyone can try their hand at coining and embossing, mixing a tea at the apothecary or determining that work as a farmer and lumberjack was very, very taxing during the Middle Ages.

Accordingly, there’s the opportunity to try on the right clothing. There’s even a dragon – a mythical creature is all part of this era, after all. And at the castle’s outhouse you’ll find out why you have to exercise caution with meat marinated in extra spicy pepper sauce.

Supervision at many stations is downright successful and parents can use the time to leaf through old books or gather new knowledge of the A-Z of the Middle Ages. Did you know what a quent is? It was a unit of mass during the Middle Ages – 3.65 grams, in particular.

Multilingual at the Children’s Museum

During our visit there were several visitors to the Children’s Museum who didn’t understand German. Bilingual explanations were thereby immediately given in German and English. What was particularly great is that for several Russian-speaking children, one of the dedicated supervisors was able to give the introduction in Russian. All the children were thus able to have fun.

Definitely make a reservation

Since the exhibitions are ever-popular and the number of visitors is limited, you should most definitely make a reservation. Online reservation works best. If you decide to go on the current day, it’s best to make a reservation by phone: (01) 524 79 08.

ZOOM exhibition: for children ages 6-12 years
Children’s admission is free; tickets for adults cost EUR 4.00.

Picture: © ZOOM Kindermuseum\katsey.org

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