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Hawaii-Feeling at Vienna

SUP Center Vienna

On Austria’s bodies of water in recent years, we’ve seen more and more people engaging in stand up paddle surfing – a sport that thrills young and old alike.

Tourism in Hawaii really started booming in the 1950s. “Beach boys,” who earned their money as surf instructors, mounted their surfboards and paddled into the waves using a canoe paddle so that they could take photos of their students. From this arose a new trend sport that is easily practiced by anyone.

It has also been possible to pursue this pastime in Vienna since 2011. The Naish Stand Up Paddling Center in Vienna’s Gänsehäufelbad exudes a Caribbean charm. A balanced selection of courses and the possibility of enjoying a cocktail in addition to athletic activity makes for a perfect day. A pure Hawaiian feeling can also be experienced at the Vienna City Beach Club. In stand up paddling (SUP for short), you propel yourself forward in the water using a paddle while standing upright on a special surfboard. This is an entirely new opportunity to experience and explore Vienna. Thanks to the connection to the underground line U1, you can reach the Old or New Danube (Alte Donau or Neue Donau, respectively) within minutes.

Hop on – paddle away – have fun! 

SUP Hop on

SUP: Hop on and have fun!

The slogan for this new fitness trend is simply: “Hop on – paddle away – have fun!” and is genuinely practicable by anyone. The Naish Stand Up Paddling Center in Vienna offers a relaxed atmosphere, state-of-the art SUP material and, of course, professional SUP trainers. The hospitable team on-site caters to everyone individually and in addition to daily tours naturally offers individual excursions as well as custom training and lots more.

Paddling fun at the Gänsehäufel beach along the Old Danube and in the Vienna City Beach Club.

At the Vienna City Beach Club you can test the latest SUP boards and paddles. Go there and paddle… it’s definitely worth it! In addition, the Old and New Danube, with their untouched nature, offer ideal conditions for avid stand up paddlers to embark on an expedition with their surfboard. While the beautiful wildlife around the Danube is explored, stand up paddling serves as ideal fitness training and, moreover, brings the body into top shape. SUP offers adventure, fun and action all in one. In addition, the sport is easy and can be learned in a very short time.

Austrian Stand Up Paddling Championships

SUP Races

SUP Races at Weiden am See

The Austrian Stand Up Paddling Championships will take place this year between August 30 and September 1 at Seebad Weiden on Lake Neusiedl. Special highlights, exciting SUP races and a grand supporting program are also not to be missed. If you want to go for the Austrian stand up paddling title, you can start paddling right away at the Naish SUP Center on the Gänsehäufel beach or at the Vienna City Beach Club.

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