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Schick-summer cocktail – for hot days

The summer heat in 2013 has already pretty much caught us by surprise. So that you get through August at least halfway cooled off, our restaurant manager, Mr. Thomas Kahlhofen of the Restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph / Hotel Stefanie, recommends a refreshing cocktail – which you can prepare for yourself at home.


(Preparation time: approx. 2 min.)

For 1 person / 1 cocktail:

1 lime
3 cl elderflower syrup
10 cl beer
1 large sprig of basil


Slice lime into four sections. Squeeze the juice out of the lime pieces by hand into a tall cocktail glass. Add elderflower syrup.

Pluck 4 basil leaves from the sprig and tear into small pieces, likewise adding them to the glass. The essential oils are thereby released, creating a special, refreshing taste.

Completely fill the glass with crushed ice or ice cubes. Carefully add the beer. Slowly stir the entire contents so that the elderflower syrup is mixed well with the lime juice.

Simply place the basil sprig in the glass. You’re done!

In this recipe you’re also free to substitute white wine or sparkling wine for the beer.

To refreshing summer days – cheers!

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