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Time Travel through Vienna

Time Travel Vienna

Experience Austrian history in overdrive

In a city trip with children, it is essential to include at least one highlight for the children in each day. The Time Travel adventure world in Vienna’s Habsburgergasse is well-situated, lending itself to combining a visit with a walk through Vienna’s classy shopping streets. Shopping for moms, cafés for dads to recover, and in between a show for the kids. There’s something for everyone!

Time Travel Vienna has already existed for more than a year and is no longer an insiders’ tip – but does it keep its promise? That’s what I tested this summer.

Mother: “We’re doing a journey through time through the history of Vienna.”
Child  (highly skeptical): “Do we have to do one of those boring guided tours?”
Mother: “Well, it is a guided tour, but it’s very different, with 5-D movies and such.”
Child (already somewhat less skeptical): “Aha.”

Time travel begins…

In order to make room for Time Travel Vienna, the roofs of the 400-year-old Salvatorian Monastery, in the depths of which our time travel takes place, were adapted.

After a brief dialog, in which a monk from the monastery and Mozart, Maria Theresa and others lead us through the decades, we fasten our seatbelts and the time travel begins in the 5-D cinema. This is definitely the highlight of the tour. Terrific effects accompany us 2000 years back in time. Have you ever wished to experience the world from a rat’s perspective? Here, we’ll climb with you straight up St. Stephan’s Cathedral!

Altogether, Time Travel Vienna has seven rooms with various attractions, such as the Imperial Theater, in which the Habsburgs Emperor Maximilian, Maria Theresa and Emperor Franz Josef introduce themselves and offer an overview of their family tree. Then there’s the air raid shelter, in which a bombing raid during the World War is simulated.

Time Travel Vienna - Fiakerride

Time Travel Vienna - Fiakerride

In the magical horse-drawn carriage trip (Fiaker) at the end, the Time Travel team recapitulates all of the Viennese clichés, just to make sure you don’t forget anything important about your trip to Vienna.

My conclusion

Time Travel Vienna was definitely not boring. If you’re in downtown Vienna with your children, Time Travel Vienna is suitable as a nice change of pace beyond the actual landmarks, and maybe one or another of its historical highlights will stay with you or your kids.

Child (very satisfied): “That was fun!”

Save with online tickets

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase tickets online and save € 2 per ticket. Choose a one-hour timeframe. Since a tour starts every 20-30 minutes, you should be there on time, or you can reserve an exact time by phone.

Family tickets for 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children, have been available for a short time. These can only be purchased directly at the ticket counter.

Time Travel Vienna opening hours:
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, last tour at 7:00 PM. Each tour lasts approx. 50 minutes.

Audio Guides are available in 10 languages!

I wish you lots of fun!


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