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AIM HIGH at one of Vienna’s high ropes courses

Reach new heights! Train your basic motor skills! Have fun! Be thrilled!

All this and more is possible during the summer months in the global metropolis of Vienna.

Vienna now has several high ropes courses that have something to offer everyone – young or old, adventure-seeking or not – thanks to their varying difficulty levels. There is the Hochseilklettergarten (high ropes course) in the Gaensehaeufelbad at Alte Donau, the Waldseilpark (forest ropes course) Kahlenberg and the Kletterpark (climbing park) on the Donauinsel. At all of the parks, basic motor skills such as endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination and speed can all be trained – and with an abundant fun factor, at that. Let’s take a bird’s-eye look at the individual parks and what they have to offer:

Hochseilklettergarten im Gaensehaeufelbad

Nine different parcours are on offer here, from the yellow parcours, which is suitable for children and beginners, all the way to the black power parcours, where experience, in addition to the right technique, strength, courage and endurance, all need to be in place. 71 platforms of up to 8 meters tall and 19 flying foxes contribute to the unique experience. The prerequisite for participating in one of these parcours is that you have to be at least 1.10 meters (3’7”) tall. The necessary equipment, such as helmet, belt, carabiners, etc., are provided and are included in the entry price.

Waldseilpark Kahlenberg

On the Kahlenberg mountain, it’s all about being one with nature. The stations and obstacles, such as ropeways and shaky nets, all the way to flying foxes, were mounted to existing trees in the Vienna Woods – some of them an unspeakable 20 meters tall – using a special technique. Yet for the less adventurous there are also possibilities to discover this climbing garden. The “imp” parcours (Wichtelparcours) is already suitable for very small children, as its height is a mere 35 cm at its peak. The blue parcours goes up to 7 meters, the red up to 10 meters, and the black parcours up to 20 meters.


Last but not least there is the climbing park on the beautiful Donauinsel. In this parcours, you can breathe in the air at a height of 12 meters, as well as master 13 stations. Here, too, there is a flying fox to make sure you land back on the ground pumped full of adrenaline and in good cheer. Every first Friday of the month there is a night session in which you can climb until 10:00 PM, partially under floodlights.

For detailed information, “climb” through the parks’ websites – Hochseilklettergarten im Gaensehaeufel, Waldseilpark Kahlenberg, Donauinsel-Kletterpark.

In case you’re arriving from out of town, do plan for more time. Treat yourself to a lovely weekend and indulge yourself at one of the five charming Schick Hotels in Vienna.

I wish you lots of fun!

Photo: High ropes course in the Gaensehaeufelbad ©EVENT4YOU GmbH


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