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Le Zefire – cocktails, music & the stars.

Those who know Austria and gastronomy know that trends generally are already old news in Salzburg before they make their way to Vienna. Yet Vienna now has quite an impressive new after-work location. A star has risen right across from the Schick Hotel Am Parkring, in Vienna’s Stadtpark.

On August 21, 1862, the Stadtpark was opened full of monuments. Now, after 152 years of existence, a new attraction has come along. “Le Zefire” is a type of cocktail bar never before seen in Vienna (to my knowledge). In the middle of one of the world’s most beautiful and modern metropolises, you can now enjoy the latest cocktail variations and delicious classics in the open air. From Cuba Libre to Mojito, everyone will find his or her favorite. You also won’t go hungry: The restaurant “Capatosta” serves Italian delicacies and steaks. Yet that’s still not everything that makes this bar so special.

Setting the right tone

A French DJ from St. Tropez creates the perfect atmosphere starting at 10:30 PM. He accompanies the scenery with suitable sounds that give everything precisely this French kick. The only fly in the ointment is that this is purely a “good weather” location. Yet if this summer is like the last one, many night’s will be danced straight through here, full of networking and flirting. Additionally, there are many highlights on the program.

Public viewing of the World Cup Championship in Brazil

Speaking of “kicks,” I wish to note here that the World Cup football (“soccer” for Americans) championship will be shown publically starting on July 12. I have yet to find a screen, but I have received information that samba dancers will “bring Brazil to visitors in Stadtpark.”

I can warmly recommend this bar. The selection of cocktails is very personal. Which type are you: “Chic Tropez” or “Nuit de folie”?


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