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30 Dancing Party

30Plus: Now more than ever!

I confess, disco fever and dancing the night away aren’t really among my current interests…
When I hear that people don’t start meeting until 10:00 PM—a time when I can already have been sitting all folded up on my couch watching the latest episode of one of my favorite shows all while treating myself to a big, decidedly unhealthy bowl of ice cream, since at long last things have calmed down and I finally have time for myself—then NO, I don’t want to leave the house anymore.

Have I already outed myself as being “uncool” and boring? Yes, you sometimes deal with such questions, since just because you happen to have an orderly everyday life with work, your partner and maybe children as well, you’re still a HUMAN BEING after all.

The Wikipedia definition of “human being” (translated from the German article for “Mensch”) contains the following: “Of decisive significance for incarnation (or humanization) are interdependencies between genetic, cerebral, ecological, social and cultural factors. Among the characteristic attributes of being human are dependence on fellow human attention and care in a long childhood period, language acquisition, mental faculties, as well as cultural and social ties.”

Should one then find a bit of time for oneself and commit oneself to further horizons every now and then? YES, definitely! After many interesting cultural visits and excursions, this time I sought something different—and, being in Vienna, it was not difficult to find.

I will soon attend a 30 Dancing Party, the party for “big people,” true to the motto “We’re celebrating like before, only better!” The 30 Dancing Party takes place the first Thursday of every month in the Volksgarten, at Clubdiscothek, Burgring/Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna.

The following specials are advertised:

  • Early starting time of 7:00 PM
  • Welcome shots for the first 300 guests
  • Dancing on three floors (from sounds of the ‘70s, ‘80s hits to laser beats of the ‘90s, as well as oldies, pop hits, Austropop and Italohits and current top charts, it’s all there!)
  • Cocktails in the Oswald Haerdtl bar
  • Large disco gardens (or a winter tent during the winter) and a pool landscape


is limited to persons over the age of 30 (you may need to take ID) at a price of 12 euros.

I sought a few friends for an evening out and will report back to you! Have you too been bitten by the dancing bug? Please click here for more info.

Should you have any concerns arising from lengthy travel to Vienna, you might as well spend some more time in Vienna. A couple of lovely days in a Schick Hotel of your choice are definitely recommended!

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