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Souvenir, Souvenir

Souvenir, Souvenir

When I travel by myself, I always take one refrigerator magnet with me – just one. I select it very carefully and then I always know exactly which one is the right one: the one that best matches the move, my impressions and my characterization of the place. But that’s my approach to souvenirs.

Souvenirs, Souvenirs

My collection of fridge-magnets

There are very many souvenirs in and about Vienna – from very, very kitschy to very, very cool, you can take a memento from Vienna with you. Today, I’d like to single out two possibilities that you’ll perhaps like.

Merging with Vienna

Sandra Haischberger with her Atelier Feine Dinge manufactures the most wonderful tableware and accessories from porcelain, and a visit to her at Margaretenstrasse 35, 1040 Vienna, close to Hotel Erzherzog Rainer always pays off. With one of her products, the vase “Ghost,” she dips old lace into porcelain slip and burns them. During the burning process, the lace burns, but the structure remains.


The vase "Ghost"

The Vase “Ghost” from Feine Dinge


You can bring old lace with you to Vienna, and if the lace is suitable, Sandra Haischberger can make your own personal Vienna vase for you and send it to your home address.

 The Vienna Store

Wiener Metroverlag is a book publisher that has produced very many beautiful books about Vienna and has now decided to open its own souvenir store in Herrengasse in the 1st District. In addition to many beautiful books, there is a Riesenrad (Giant Ferris Wheel) made of matador (an old Austrian wooden toy), wallets in the shape of bread rolls, and original postcards. If you’re looking for a cool souvenir, this is the place.

An Austrian "Semmel" for your money

An Austrian “Semmel” for your money


The most beautiful Vienna souvenirs can’t be bought, however:

Waking up, realizing that you’re in a different city, with different noises and a different atmosphere. Sitting in a street café drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of sparkling wine on the Graben and people watching  or listening to a taxi driver’s proposed solutions to the global economic crisis.

Only once you’re back at home will time tell the way in which Vienna remains in your memory.

Photocredits: The Vienna Store/Arnold Pöschl, Atelier Feine Dinge, Steffi Ludwig

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