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Recipe of the month November 2016

For your enjoyment…

Do you feel the same as I do on weekends on or special holidays, or when you have guests over? I’d like to cook something very special, not the usual fare. Then I’m either spoiled for choice or I can’t think of anything at all. If even intensively searching the internet turns out to be fruitless or leafing through piles of cookbooks doesn’t turn up any solution, try our Recipe of the Month!

From the chefs of the Schick Restaurants in Vienna, every month there is a new, seasonal recipe from Austrian-Spanish or Viennese cuisine for you to prepare and enjoy at home! If you don’t want to have to prepare the recipe yourself, you can order the finished dish in comfort at the corresponding Schick Restaurant and indulge all around…

In November 2016 – recipe by Felix Albiez – chef of the decorated Restaurant “Das Schick”:

with nougat filling and cinnamon

Ingredients for 6 servings:

125 ml milk
50 g butter
75 g cake flour
1 egg (XL)
50 g sugar
50 g nougat
20 g ground cinnamon
rapeseed oil


Churros dough (like choux pastry): Pour milk and water into a pot. Add diced butter, salt and 25 g sugar. Stir at high heat until the butter melts. Bring everything to a boil and allow to boil for 2–3 seconds. Remove the pot from the stove and add all of the flour to the hot liquid at once. First carefully fold in the flour and then stir vigorously until the dough becomes firm.

Place the pot back onto the stove. Heat the dough at high heat for 30–60 seconds, stirring constantly, until it comes loose from the pot and no longer sticks to the spoon. Allow the dough to cool slightly. Put the dough in a mixing bowl or place it in a food processor briefly in order to cool off a bit.

Whisk the eggs and gradually mix two-thirds of the whisked eggs into the dough until it appears very shiny. Scoop up some of the dough with a cooking spoon: If long needle-shaped strings hang from the spoon, falling only after several seconds, the dough is ready. If it does not stick to the spoon in this manner or does not fall, fold in the remaining egg.

So that the churros get a nice, consistent shape, the dough may be somewhat more firm. Allow the dough to cool for about an hour.

Cinnamon sugar: Mix the remaining sugar together with the cinnamon.

Fill the churros dough with nougat and make into small dumplings.

Fry the churros dumplings in hot rapeseed oil at 170°C (340°F). Subsequently roll them in cinnamon sugar and serve hot.

Tip: Serve the churros with stewed plums on cold winter days. They’re also perfectly suited for Advent and the Christmas season.

Have fun cooking!



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