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Schick Tip – ‘Die vermischte Warenhandlung’

Reinhard Dolsek

An insiders’ tip from Hotel Erzherzog Rainer

It’s that time again. I have the privilege of introducing you to one of my colleagues along with his insiders’ tip. In search of new ideas, I met Reinhard Dolsek, who since January 2017 has been deputy front office manager at the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer.

After completing his education at the HLF in Krems, Austria, he toughened his stress resistance by working at a cinema pay window in Innsbruck. While there he also learned a lot about human nature, which prepared him perfectly for working at the reception. Meanwhile, he already has over ten years of experience at the reception and his love of Vienna and the city’s history is reflected in his every word.

Entrance form the courtyard

Entrance form the courtyard

Reinhard Dolsek is someone who can get lost in the details and thereby sees so much more than many other people. His insiders’ tip is thus perfectly suited for today, for only those who take a closer look (or who reads this blog) will find the store ‘Die vermischte Warenhandlung’ (Mixed Goods); otherwise you’ll probably walk right past it and that would be a shame.

A store that invites us to take our time

‘Die vermischte Warenhandlung’ is located at the corner of Franziskanerplatz, behind a large green gate. If the gate is open, that means that the store is also open. Already the picturesque courtyard is worth seeing and surely makes for some good photo ops. “The store reminds me of the book ‘The Shop Around the Corner’, which acted as the basis for the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’,” Mr. Dolsek says dreamily. “It offers a potpourri of creative souvenirs for home and garden, things you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Their own description, ‘Fachgeschäft für das Schöne’ – specialty shop for beautiful things – is good, though I’d append ‘mit viel Charme’ – with lots of charm – to it. Of course, there’s also a lot of kitsch… but it’s a far cry from the many awful souvenir shops in Vienna!”

Here you will find something indeed.

Here you will find something indeed.

What would my colleague buy there? “Little enamel cake pans that are no longer available anywhere else, like for a mini ‘Mohr im Hemd’ cake (an Austrian chocolate cake specialty). Or all kinds of candlestick holders or postcards and greeting cards… above all, anything with vintage views.”

Be welcome to look around.

Be welcome to look around.

You can already see that ‘Die vermischte Warenhandlung’ is like a shop from another era, where you can get away from everyday life.

“And in case you’ve always been looking for a little box out of which a butterfly emerges when you open it, this is where you’ll find it… things no one really needs but are just nice,” Mr. Dolsek reckons with a grin.

Near ‘Die Vermischte Warenhandlung’

Reinhard Dolsek generally feels good at Franziskanerplatz, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vienna. If you’re in the mood for a little Mediterannean snack or a coffee, he recommends the Cantinetta La Norma (Franziskanerplatz 3). There – and here’s a little high society insiders’ tip – you’ll have a direct view of the Viennese apartment of the opera star Anna Netrebko.

The entrance at a corner at Franziskanerplatz.

The entrance at a corner at Franziskanerplatz.

Or you can visit the Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church) and find peace. Mr. Dolsek has always been fascinated by sacred buildings. Over the course of our discussion, he told me more about a great mosaic on a building on Vienna’s Kärntner Straße that no one notices since they’re just looking at the shops, that he’s visited nearly every museum in Vienna and that he’s unfortunately unable to memorize the meaning of the figures on the Rathaus (City Hall) because each one has its own story.

You can see that my colleague is a genuine Vienna enthusiast. I’m fascinated by his love of detail. Are you staying at the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer ? Then talk to him and his Vienna fever will rub off on you… see for yourself!

I promise you can read more here in the blog soon.

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