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Culture in Vienna

François-Léon Benouville, Achills Zorn, 1847 © Musée Fabre de Montpellier

Body and Art – Naked Man in Art

Musical Elisabeth in Vienna

Anniversary premiere of musical Elisabeth in Vienna

Wotruba Church

The five most beautiful churches in Vienna: part 3 – the Wotruba Church

Lifeball 2011 Red Carpet

“There’s no business like show-business”

St. Charles's Church - Vienna

The five most beatiful churches in Vienna: part2 – St.Charles’s Church

The Kiss

The Klimt Year 2012

Augutinian Church

The five most wonderful churches in Vienna – Part 1: The Church of St. Augustin

Stairway of the Imperial Palace

Museum of Historical Musical Instruments

Nice Exhibit from the 1st floor

The Clock Museum

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