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Hop in and relax at the Therme Wien

Therme Wien

City holiday with thermal spring relaxation

Did you know that Vienna has a hot springs resort? A downright beautiful one at that, and in Oberlaa to the city’s south – the Therme Wien.
It doesn’t matter if you’d like to spend a whole day there or only a couple hours, maybe in the evening when it’s a bit calmer. The Therme Wien, which recently celebrated its third anniversary, offers everything your heart desires.

The thermal area, accessible to everyone, is partitioned into two areas separated by a quiet area with a cave pool that only adults may use.
In both areas, you’ll find an indoor and outdoor area and either a saltwater pool, sport pool and spring pool in the outdoor area or an indoor active pool, indoor whirlpool and springs (outdoors). All of the pools have comfortable temperatures of up to 36° C.
Personally, I find the division of the rooms to be very successful. You never have the feeling of being surrounded by masses of people, and the volume of sound also stays within limits.

Highly recommendable is the children’s area, which is separated from both of the thermal areas. Here, you’ll find a large water playground for the little ones (don’t forget swim nappies), and for the big kids there are several slides in the indoor and outdoor areas, a wild water channel, etc.

Have fun

Have fun

Children – have fun!

What’s special is that Therme Wien has its very own diving pool with three towers. The 3 meter and the 4 meter towers are open regularly and are to be used under supervision. Diving is allowed!
You’ll see that during construction, a lot of emphasis was placed on providing generous spaces, beginning with the changing rooms and extending through to the bathroom facilities. Considerable emphasis is also placed on cleanliness; diligent workers take care to keep everything in good shape. Alert pool attendants take care of safety.

Sauna, fitness and lots more

In the 3000 m² sauna area, there are areas for men, for women and “coed” areas, a Finnish sauna, organic sauna, steam bath, laconicum and tepidarium, as well as spring pools and diving pools in every area.
In addition, the Therme offers a large fitness area, massage and cosmetics offers, a shop, and of course a restaurant.

History of the Therme Wien

The thermal spring in Vienna already has a long tradition. Already in the 18th century, thermal sulfurous water was discovered, and in 1934 the spring itself. 35 years later, the first health resort started at a provisional spring. In 1974, on the occasion of the Vienna International Garden Show, the Kurzentrum Oberlaa was opened.
In 2005, planning for the “new” Therme Wien commenced, which was then taken into operation in the autumn of 2010.


Take the U1 underground line direclty to Station Oberlaa. (15 minutes from Stephansplatz)

Entrance to the Therme Wien

Practical – you don’t pay until you leave, and you can consume everything in the thermal spring cash-free with your chip.

The cheapest ticket is valid for 3 hours and costs EUR 23.00. After that, you’re charged per minute (5 cents/min.), so there’s no need to rush when drying your hair – you don’t want to go out into the cold with wet hair. (Rates valid May 2022)
The sauna, salt water bath and various additional services are offered at a surcharge.


Pictures: Copyright by Cathrine Stukhard/Therme Wien

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