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Stiftung Kindertraum

XMAS 2020 … what‘s really important

Dir. Peter Buocz and Dr. Martin Schick at Hotel Stefanie Vienna

Greetings from the Schick Hotels Vienna!

Viennese snail – delicacy during Lent

pike-perch fillet . artichoke . spinach . Fregola di Sarda

Recipe of the month February 2020

Stiftung Kindertraum

Fulfilled: the heart’s desire 2020!


Stefanie cocktail at the Hotel Stefanie

Infront of the Esterhazy Keller

A Nostalgic City Walk through “Alt Wien”

Silence infront of the Sisi Chapel

Am Himmel – At the sky

Schick Hotels & Restaurants Vienna and Labonca Biohof – For the Future

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