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Running and biking in Vienna

Suggestions for running and biking routes

Vienna is perfect for running and cycling as you will notice day by day. Numerous amateur sportsmen can be seen around the city, especially on the popular routes. Some of these routes almost run past the Schick Hotels and are described below. So you can plan your workout in the beautiful city on the Danube already now and look forward to discovering the city straightforwardly.

Running routes in Vienna


Along the Donaukanal you will find one of Vienna’s most popular urban running routes. Start anywhere you like and choose how far you run, either towards Spittelau or into the opposite direction to the Stadionbrücke. From the Schick Hotels Capricorno, City Central and Stefanie you will reach the Donaukanal in just a few minutes and can freely follow you urge to move. The route is also great for biking!


From the Schick Hotel Erzherzog Rainer you can head right for the Belvedere garden if you fancy a run. Although you will find it less suitable for long jogs, the park is definitely very pleasing to the eye. The outer path is about 2 kilometres long and in addition you can try the many paths which run across the park so you can flexibly choose length and duration of your workout. For a challenge you can also train elevation gain. Adjacent to the park you can also extend your running route to the botanical garden and to the Schweizergarten.


From the Hotels Stefanie, Capricorno and City Central you can reach the wonderfully green Prater Hauptallee. Either along the Donaukanal or through the Praterstraße you will get to the big wheel, the prominent landmark at the beginning of the avenue. For several kilometres and dead straight, one of the most popular running routes of Vienna lies ahead of you. You will pass the impressive Ernst Happel Stadium and finally reach the Lusthaus. Numerous paths will enable you to explore Vienna’s green heart off the main route.

Bike routes in Vienna

Ring route

Bike along the historical Ringstraße and pass Vienna’s most important sights. You can reach the Ring Road from all 5 Schick Hotels in no time.

Bike route through the city centre

The bike route Vienna City will also show you the beauty of the capital. The 2 kilometres long route stretches from the Schottenring via the Hofburg to the Staatsoper – perfect for a sightseeing tour on wheels. If you stay at the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer, just turn left outside the hotel and take the first crossroad until you reach Margaretenstraße/Operngasse. Follow this street towards the city centre.

Explore Vienna actively and discover many more routes for walking, biking and running! The staff at the Schick Hotels will be happy to provide you with further tips.

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