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Prater Hauptallee

Prater Hauptallee

An Autumnal Hauptallee in the Prater

Taking a walk along the Hauptallee

As you may have read in our blog entry about the Donauinsel in September, there’s another athletic activity you can do on foot, bike, inline skates or even with a horse and carriage. Let’s begin our trip at the Riesenrad – Vienna’s giant Ferris wheel – one of the major landmarks of this city. There, we’ll encounter the Prater Hauptallee, a 4.4 km (2.7 mi) stretch that leads from Praterstern to the Lusthaus.

Hauptallee length

Hauptallee length

These are the former hunting grounds of Emperor Franz Joseph. In the first 700 meters, parallel to the Hauptallee, we’ll encounter the “Wurstelprater” – affectionately named by the Viennese – with all its attractions, roller coasters, go cart and bumper car tracks and more.

Today, however, we want to dedicate ourselves to the peace and calm next door. The Hauptallee is just as suited to athletic activity as the Donauinsel. Here, you even have the possibility of going to the Ernst Happel Stadium’s swimming pool – the so-called Stadionbad – and to be refreshed by the cool water.

For ball sports enthusiasts, there are always opportunities to play tennis, handball, badminton and basketball.

Yet many people just enjoy the walk through nature, since driving along this road by car is prohibited.

Through the Prater with horse and carriage



Another special experience is getting a ride to the Lusthaus with horse and carriage.

Riding a horse and carriage in this area has been highly popular since the nobility during the monarchy, and horse races were held regularly here prior to the opening of the Krieau horse racing track.

In the end, we’ll reach the Lusthaus. Back then, the Lusthaus was the “Facebook” of Vienna. Here is where high society met and discussed the latest gossip, who with whom, etc. In any case, it’s worth ordering a coffee here and letting the atmosphere sink in.

When were you in this magnificent outdoor place the last time, leaving your cares behind or just going for a run? We’ll be happy to read about your experiences.


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