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The Open-Air Zoo in Pamhagen

Just over an hour by car from Vienna, you’ll encounter a gorgeous countryside in Burgenland. The Steppentierpark Pamhagen (Pamhagen Zoo) is definitely fun for young and old alike.

As an alternative to the world’s oldest zoo – Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna – there is an opportunity to visit a zoo outside of Vienna which has existed since 1975.

Boars zoo

Boars zoo

In roughly 80 minutes by car from the Schick Hotels in Vienna, you’ll be at this magnificent place in Burgenland, Austria. On an area covering 13 hectares, you’ll encounter around 50 different animal species that feel totally contented out in nature.

If the temperature is hot, like we had a couple months ago, enjoy the advantage of exploring nature in all its magnificent facets in the shaded forest.

Yet before setting foot in the zoo itself, you should definitely get animal feed for one euro so that you can feed the tame and approachable animals. It also has its advantages, if you start “rustling” the feed, since you’ll win the undivided attention of the animals.

Just after the entrance you’ll encounter the first ponies, cows and guinea pigs. You can choose from various routes for exploring the whole park.

Animals Signs

Animals Signs

One of the highlights is surely the brown bears, which you can watch close-up. Yet wild boars, coatis, pygmy goats and Jacob sheep all have something special. You might even witness Racka sheep fighting to court a female.

This zoo also offers the possibility of adopting animals. If you decide to do this, your name will be mentioned next to that animal’s information.

For an admission charge of EUR 6.50 for adults and EUR 3.50 for children, the zoo is definitely worth visiting.

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forest zoo

forest zoo

When do you plan your next hiking excursion to check out different animals?

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