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There are many hotels inVienna, many opinions, different hotel reviews and portals. Where can we then really inform ourselves?

It all starts off straightaway: We’re getting a blog. Wow, the fist reaction, an opportunity to promote Vienna, offer tips and perhaps direct the attention of our readers, be they Viennese or guests from abroad, to something new, something different—something that we’ve experienced ourselves. We’ve intentionally decided on various topics, and since I also like to avail myself of travel portals prior to a trip and keep an eye on them for the Schick Hotels, it seemed logical that I should assign myself this topic.

Yet which portals are truly reliable, which ones don’t cheat, in which ones is the management itself not pushing their own hotel up in the rankings? And how can we remain credible in this regard?

After several important portals were represented in newspaper and television reports as manipulable, we acted on behalf of our Schick hotels. We sought our own solution, and in the end we decided on the system from Customer Alliance. Only guests that have actually stayed at our hotels receive access to the portal and are able to leave their comments after they leave. One line, clear, clean and informative and available to all future guests.

Where do you maneuver in the World Wide Web? Do you trust the portals and are they truly a reliable guide?

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