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Traveling to Bratislava with the Twin City Liner

Tips for traveling with the Twin City Liner.

From the new Twin City Liner stop at Schwedenbrücke on the Donaukanal (Danube Canal), the fast catamaran Twin City Liner travels to Bratislava at least three times every day. Above all on weekdays, there are last-minute tickets available. You arrive at the Slovak capital in just 70 minutes, which go by like the wind.

Confluence of March in Danube

Confluence of March in Danube

View from the Twin City Liner

You can reserve seats in rows 1 through 4 for a small additional fee. I recommend doing this for at least one way and then getting in line on time, since the first four rows have free seating. You can move freely on the Twin City Liner and then go back inside to get away from the head wind. (Don’t forget your jacket—the ship is well air-conditioned.)

Arrival in Bratislava

Departing Vienna at 8:30 AM and departing Bratislava at 6:30 PM is enough time to reach everything on foot starting from the dock. (Returning around 4:00 PM is only possible during peak season.) If walking isn’t for you, you can ride on excursion trains. Already in the Twin City Liner, a tour is offered with or without the castle. I found the travel guide’s explanation and the subsequent walk through the historic city center a bit lacking. My recommendation: Start on your own initiative.

Nový Most, Bratislava

Nový Most, Bratislava

The trip to the “UFO” observation deck on the Nový Most pier especially impressed me. From there, you have the best overview of the entire city, the castle and the Little Carpathians, as well as the Danube plain.

The rise to the Michaela Gate is tied to the museum entrance. The entry is a nondescript door to the right of the Michaela Gate.

Savoring & lingering in Bratislava

Bratislava’s historic city center consists largely of cafes, bars and restaurants in which you can take wonderful breaks. Should you have more time left over to unwind, there are also good opportunities to do so in the park behind the Grassalkovic Palaceor at the Danube bank across from the ship landing place.

If you’re planning on going shopping, make sure you don’t go to Bratislavaon a public holiday.
1 Jan., 5 July, 29 Aug. and 1 Sept. are national holidays—most stores are closed on these days.

Twin City Liner special offers

There are special offers every now and then, such as one child for free for every adult (final week of vacation), which can only be booked by phone. For more information, please visit the Twin City Liner’s website.
The Twin City Liner will continue to run through 30 Oct. 2011. Advent trips are available on Christmas weekends.

Have fun!

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