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Breakfast: The start to your day!

Hotel City Central Buffet

The smell of hot coffee in the air,

a fresh roll spread with homemade marmalade on the table in front of me, and I’m about to get a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from the refrigerator – oh yeah, that’s how my day can begin right….

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” or “You shouldn’t leave the house without breakfast.” Yes, we all know these sayings! Unfortunately, we still don’t manage to find time for a lengthy meal every day.

One ought to think that a hotel stay would be different; however, the tour bus is often already waiting at the door, or you have to head off to an important appointment, or the seminar is just about to start…

To offer each guest just the  right thing for the amount of time he or she has, most hotels have decided on a buffet. After all, the classic two slices of bread with butter and marmalade have long since ceased to be sufficient to fulfill expectations.

Nowadays, the offer should be as varied, fresh, high-quality and colorful as possible. Health should also be taken into consideration.

At a carefully chosen buffet you should find a large selection of breads, lactose-free foods, diet, organic and regional products, various cold cuts, diverse cheeses, muesli and yogurts. Fairtrade also plays an increasingly central role.

An absolute must for an Austrian breakfast is of course the Kaiser roll! It is said that the Kaiser roll was invented by a Viennese baker named Kayser in 1750. Click here for more on this story.

Warm and cold drinks such as coffee, tea and fruit juices are of course also musts. One of the Schick Hotels’ specialties is that there is even champagne!

Salty, sweet, bitter and sour – all tastes are different….

Should your mouth water when you’re standing in front of a breakfast buffet, then you can definitely find a bit of time….

So what is your favorite dish?

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