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Let Go!

Monki Park in Vienna

Indoor playgrounds in Vienna

If the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor activities and you can no longer ask children to “Sit still” or “Be good,” indoor playgrounds offer the perfect alternative for letting go and letting off steam. In Vienna, in comparison to other cities, we are truly blessed with a large selection, beginning with offers for toddlers all the way into the teens.
Today, I wish to introduce you to my favorite indoor playgrounds, where kids can run, jump, climb and above all laugh a lot and laugh out loud.

Zoom Ocean in the Zoom Children’s Museum

The Ocean in the Zoom Children’s Museum is a wonderful playground and world of experience for very young children between 8 months and 6 years of age. From the glittering water grotto, the mirror tunnel or the corral reef all the way to exploring the “Famosa,” which can be steered through the ocean, there are many exciting places to discover.
Note, however, that diving into the ocean is limited to 1 1/2 hours, and a reservation in advance is definitely necessary (take note of the starting times).

Letting go is expressly desired!

The large indoor playgrounds such as Family Fun (U1 / bus), Bogi Park (U6 / Badner Bahn) and Farbie Kinderspielwelt (in Shopping City Süd (SCS)) each offer their own area for small children. Here, kids older than 6 also get their money’s worth.
On several thousand square meters, there are climbing towers extending over several floors with slides and obstacles waiting to be discovered, trampolines for performing aerial leaps, inflatable castles and “Wabbelbergs” (soft mountains). In addition, there are magic caves, a labyrinth and children’s disco, softball fields and rodeo rides.
There are usually also climbing walls (safety equipment is present), as well as a field for playing ball for children who can’t survive an afternoon without a ball.
Depending on the amusement hall, you can race on a go cart track or quad track.
Socks are required everywhere. There are lockers for stowing away bags, etc., as well as a straightforward food & beverage menu for in-between snacks.

My current favorite: Monki Park

The Monki Park can easily be reached with the U6 or S-Bahn (Handelskai station) and is located in the Millennium City shopping and entertainment center.
In addition to the usual items such as a trampoline, climbing tower with giant slide, etc., in the Monki Park there is a PitPat lane (a cross between miniature golf and billiards) where you can spend quite a bit of time. This is also fun for parents!
Moreover, to do justice to the name of the park – Vienna’s 1st indoor high wire climbing garden – where little and big monkeys – well-safeguarded, of course – can swing from tree to tree.
In case that isn’t yet enough for you, you can take a look a couple floors lower in the Ocean Park, where you can play a round of bowling or billiards or treat yourself to the latest movie at UCI Kinowelt.

The selection is big…. I’m convinced that you’ll find the right one for you and your kids!
Wishing both the little and big ones among you lots of fun letting go!



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