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A Fairy Tale Circus


The Circus Roncalli with its rich tradition on tour in Austria

Between September 11 and October 5, 2014, the Circus Roncalli is giving guest performances at the Vienna Rathausplatz (City Hall Square) with its program “Time Is Honey.” As the name suggests, the circus has taken it upon itself to sweeten its visitors’ time!

Awakening childhood memories



Cotton candy, popcorn, pony rides, circus music – the great “fanfare.” What are your memories of going to the circus as a child? You’ll surely think of even more things. In the fall, you have the opportunity to refresh in your childhood memories or perhaps to give your children the opportunity to get a whiff of the circus air for the first time, as the Circus Roncalli is erecting its magnificent tent palace in Vienna.

Clear the ring!

For nearly 40 years, the Circus Roncalli has transported its visitors into a fairytale world and made time out from hectic everyday life. For the program “Time Is Honey,” the Circus Roncalli has once again hired many exceptional artists who will astonish the audience. In addition to people made of gold who defy the law of gravity, roller-skate acrobats and shadow artists, passionate love stories will be told on the high bar or shapes created that seem to float.



Not to be forgotten are the obligatory circus clowns. Although it is not easy to find good clowns, the Circus Roncalli was able to employ fully five internationally acclaimed jesters for the program. Laughs are guaranteed!

Circus Village at Vienna’s Rathausplatz

The flare of a circus village thrills young and old alike. This nostalgic tent landscape erected in front of the backdrop of the Vienna City Hall can in my opinion hardly be outdone.

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Performances take place Wednesday through Sunday.

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