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Hotel staff – the receptionist

Hotel Stefanie Reception

The first impression counts!

How should you be? Friendly, distanced, competent, informed, always neat, punctual, courteous, skilled in foreign languages…

Many characteristics came to mind, and let’s be honest: When you go to a hotel, certain anticipations and expectations as to the coming events are a given.

It’s immediately the receptionist’s task to make sure the guest’s stay gets off to a proper, relaxed and correct start.

The motto should be feeling comfortable from the very first moment. At Schick Hotels, we have the good fortune to build upon many employees with years of experience, who know exactly how the “right” reception of our guests should take place.

Yet where does the term “receptionist” come from?

The description is related to that of the porter (“portarius” in Latin), which in turn was already an important post in monasteries during the Middle Ages (source: Wikipedia).

Did you know that several famous people had their professional “beginnings” at hotel receptions?

– singer/songwriter Naomi Judd
– the deceased Linda McCartney, entrepreneur and wife of Beatle PaulMcCartney
– civil rights activist Rosa Parks (died in 2005)
– former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina

So who knows: Maybe you’ll be greeted by a future celebrity, inventor or writer during your next hotel stay!

The main thing is:  he or she is friendly, distanced, competent, informed, always neat, punctual, courteous and skilled in foreign languages! What do you think?

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