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Dear 2011!


It’s been a very thrilling, beautiful, sad and exciting time with you.

363 days ago, we greeted you, and now you’re about to check out in order to make room for a new guest for the same length of time.

 A few facts that moved the world:

– the world’s population was around 6.93 billion people at the turn of 2010-11
– a tsunami overtook Japan in March
– Bernd Eichinger, Amy Winehouse, Apple founder Steve Jobs, Johannes “Jopi(e)” Heesters all died
– Prince William and Catherine Middleton, as well as Prince Albert and Charlène Wittstock got married
– a euro rescue package and debt cessation measures are being decided on

Schick facts in 2011:

– several rooms in the Hotel Stefanie are being renovated
– the restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph is shining in renewed splendor
– the event “Salon” in the Hotel Am Parkring and “Clubraum”  in the Hotel Stefanie were renovated

Dear 2012, We’re on our way!
We look forward to many intense and interesting days and months. May you bring all of us lots of sunshine!

We wish all blog subscribers and blog visitors a wonderful conclusion to the year.

The whole Schick Blog team


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