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Prater Hauptallee

Let’s get moving!

Have you still not made good on your 2013 New Year’s resolutions? Are you still stuck in the same daily grind as last year and simply unable to motivate yourself? Let’s change this TODAY! We’ll take advantage of the current sunny weather, and together we’ll discover Vienna’s most beautiful running and walking paths (a small motivation factor – “Keep on running”).

Who isn’t familiar with the good old New Year’s resolutions which you make for the new year: “This next year I’ll again do more sports and be more physically active”? Various commitments, however, push your good intentions into the background time again, and before you know it, the year is over and nothing has changed!

Yet have you ever asked yourself WHY? Should we really accept excuses such as “The meeting went on longer” or “The nanny canceled” or “The weather is so erratic”?

The answer, plain and simple, is NO! As is well-known, sports and physical activity revitalize the body, mind and soul, and with 30 minutes a day spent on physical activity you won’t lose any time. Quite the contrary, in fact – you’ll gain time. To mention only a few benefits:

  • Your mind is freer; therefore you can approach things with greater concentration and more attentively.
  • You’re faster due to better mobility.
  • You’re sick less often since the immune system is more strengthened.
  • And, and, and…. The list goes on.

Therefore, no excuses! Put on comfortable and weather-resistant clothing, good shoes (important!) and let’s go running or walking (don’t forget your walking poles!). You’ll see that you’ll soon feel fitter and better, and you’ll want to set your New Year’s resolutions for 2014 that much higher.

Our first goal – the Green Prater, Vienna’s “green lung”

In the middle of the city, in Vienna’s 2nd District, spread out over six square kilometers, you can really let off steam, whether it’s on the “Hauptallee” – the 4.5 km long stretch that runs from Praterstern to the Lusthaus (summer house or garden pavilion) – or along the many side paths. Signposted routes help you to find the suitable paths for you. At the so-called “Running Checkpoints”, which can be found at the start and end of the routes, you’ll find information on the length, characteristics, the course of the corresponding route, as well as useful running tips. And if you plan on being there later because the meeting went on longer – no problem: The “Hauptallee” is lighted until late at night, even in winter!

Not in the mood for running or walking?

In case you’re not up for running or walking, you can also do other sports in the Green Prater, such as baseball, skating, cycling, slacklining, swimming (in the summer), cross-country skiing (in the winter), and many more.

Let’s go!

Alright then, lace up your sneakers and let’s go! Maybe you can also motivate some friends or work colleagues, as the next Business Run is just around the corner – on Sept. 5, 2013.

Should you happen to be a guest at one of the Schick Hotels, use this opportunity to become active in one of the most beautiful areas.

The slogan that should always hold…

“It has to be fun!” Therefore, don’t demand too much of yourself, especially at the beginning. Instead, just enjoy it.

Happy running and see you the next (running) get-together at Vienna Insight!


Photo: Prater Hauptallee © WienTourismus / Popp & Hackner

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