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Ursula Thun

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In Schick Insights, the authors write as insiders of the Schick Hotels and as genuine experts on Vienna. Each author sees the beautiful city of Vienna with different eyes. All of them incorporate their experiences and daily impressions from everyday hotel life and report on their highly personal insights from Vienna.

Ursula Thun is team assistant in the sales department of Schick Hotels in Vienna. Since the beginning of 2011, she has been part of the Schick family and, together with her colleagues, looks after all customers who are looking for corporate rates for overnight stays, conference rooms for seminars, Christmas parties and the like. In addition, she studies sports and event management and would therefore like to bring you a bit closer to the "sporty side" of Vienna in Vienna Insight - where are Vienna's most beautiful running courses? What opportunities exist for doing winter sports in the city? When does the Vienna Marathon take place? In case you already know places for doing sports in Vienna or have information about various sporting events, she would of course be happy to learn of any tips or suggestions.

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