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Vienna Wine Hiking Day 2014

Hiking in Vienna in autumn

Hiking season in the Viennese vineyards

On September 27 and 28, it’s time once again: Vineyards will be opened, picnic benches set up, glasses washed, snacks prepared and paths marked. The Viennese vineyards invite you to the Vienna Wine Hiking Day 2014. Take a walk through the vineyards, enjoy the view of Vienna and taste a good wine or two, or take a break at a wine tavern.

Vintners open their gates

Last year, I hiked part of the route at the foot of the Bisamberg mountain myself and can really recommend the Vienna Wine Hiking Day to you. The paths are clearly signposted. The starting points are easily reachable by public transportation. In the streets lined with wine taverns (called Kellergasse or Kellertrift in Austria), in the wine cellars or directly in the vineyards there are typical Viennese wines to taste. Every vintner there will open their gates, set up wine tavern benches in front of their door or directly in the vineyards.

The Vienna Wine Hiking Day routes

Way to the wine no.1

Way to the wine no.1

Both routes are suitable for old and young alike and are approximately 10 km long and largely baby stroller-friendly (see maps). You can also hike along only part of the route or otherwise cut it short.

Route 1 runs south of the Danube River, from Neustift am Walde through Sievering, the Cobenzl winery and Grinzing to Nussdorf through the old vineyards of the 19th District. At many points you have a great view of Vienna.

Route 2 is located north of the Danube River, at the foot of the Bisamberg mountain, from Strebersdorf through Magdalenenhof and the Senderstrasse a

Way to the wine no.2

Way to the wine no.2

ll the way to wine tavern country Stammersdorf. Here as well there are terrific views of Vienna and the Danube Valley.

Both paths are only accessible in this form on the Vienna Wine Hiking Day, as they lead through private vineyards that are not accessible the rest of the year.

This year I definitely want to visit “the other side.” If the weather cooperates, it will surely be every bit as comfortable as last year.

Vienna Wine Hiking Day 2014

Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28, 2014
from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

By the way: The Schick Restaurants have lots of Viennese wines on offer that go well with many typical Viennese dishes. There’s pretty much always time for a “Fluchtachterl” (the typical last glass of wine before going home), in the Hotel Stefanie bar, for instance.



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