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IVIE – Your Smartphone as a Travel Guide

IVIE © WienTourismus Paul Bauer

Your Personal Guide to Vienna – IVIE

You like to get out and about in the city on your own. Yet sometimes it would be nice to get information about where you are, what you are looking at and above all what you might be missing just around the corner. Joining a group tour is not for you, and you do not want to lug a heavy guidebook around with you. Then Vienna definitely has the right companion for you: IVIE – the digital city guide app! All you need is your smartphone.

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Sightseeing Spots in Vienna

How often would you have to stay overnight in Schönbrunn to have slept in every room? Why did architect Otto Wagner memorialize himself with a lion statue? Where can you find 6,000-year-old makeup palettes or dinosaur excrement?  What technical device was used to hoist the truly weighty Empress Maria Theresa in and out of the Capuchin Crypt during her visits? IVIE knows the answer.

Explore Vienna with ivie © WienTourismus Paul Bauer

Explore Vienna with ivie © WienTourismus Paul Bauer

The IVIE app is maintained and continuously expanded by Vienna Tourism. It shows you all the current highlights in Vienna, as well as a curated best-of list for seasonal events. Of course, the app includes all the information about the most famous classic sights. In addition, it also knows about all of the most curious museums, exciting architecture, magnificent parks, lively markets and places that you would never find without a tip from IVIE app. Once you have reached a destination, it also has answers to questions that you would never even think of asking. The sights are presented in detail with lots of photos and videos. You can decide how deep you want to delve into each story.

A Complete Overview from Museums to Public Restrooms

The map function is particularly useful. It will help you find not only the best sights in town, but also drinking fountains, toilets and City Bike stations in Vienna. You can “scan” your surroundings for insider tips, save important places and plan your Vienna vacation in advance. If you want, you can even set notifications, for example, for insider tips near your Schick Hotel in Vienna.

Discover the City on a Pleasant Stroll with IVIE

Your digital guide through Vienna © WienTourismus Paul Bauer

Your digital guide through Vienna © WienTourismus Paul Bauer

Another interesting way to explore the city with IVIE is the “Walks & Guides” feature. Numerous pre-planned routes are suggested based on your areas of interest. Two audio city walks, the Ringstrasse Walk and the Beethoven Walk, offer you exciting audio contributions at each station.

Experience Vienna “Your Way”

Enter your interests into the app and receive a tailor-made proposal for your sightseeing activities. Get inspired and try something new. There are multiple areas of interest to choose from, and once you have made your selection, IVIE will offer more suggestions each day.

Not sure about a tip from IVIE? Then ask a staff member at the reception desk of your Schick Hotels Vienna. They also have lots of tips and ideas for you, the only problem is you can’t take them with you on your walk through Vienna!


IVIE for Android


Header picture – IVIE © WienTourismus Paul Bauer

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