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Zlatko Sujeranovic

Variety in Vienna’s 22nd District

Vienna is so much more than St. Stephan’s Cathedral and Schönbrunn Palace. What would it be like if you got to know Vienna beyond the typical “must sees”? For the “Insiders’ Tips” series by Schick employees at the reception desks, this time I interview my colleague Zlatko Sujeranovic. Mr. Sujeranovic is the assistant head of the reception at the Hotel Stefanie. He has worked here for 26 years already and would be happy to introduce you to his home district:

Donauinsel © WienTourismus Christian Stemper

Donauinsel © WienTourismus Christian Stemper

22nd District – Donaustadt

…. or as the Viennese say, “Transdanubia.” Donaustadt is located northeast of the Danube River, is the largest of Vienna’s districts in terms of area covered (approximately 1/4 of Vienna), and according to Zlatko Sujeranovic it is likely one of the most multifaceted: “Here, you find modern architecture from Uno City all the way to Vienna’s largest shopping center, as well as nature, the Danube River, gardens and parks, all the way to a national park. Moreover, there are some genuinely typical Viennese places.”

What Donaustadt has to offer


Donauturm ©WienTourismus Karl Thomas

Donauturm ©WienTourismus Karl Thomas

Granted, this is not an insiders’ tip, but the magnificent view of Vienna definitely deserves mention. While drinking coffee or dining in a restaurant on the 170 meter tall spinning platform, you always have a view of Vienna. Afterwards, the best thing to do is to take a walk through Donaupark.

Vienna International Center – Uno City

Uno City ©WienTourismus Karl Thomas

Uno City ©WienTourismus Karl Thomas

In this building are many international organizations, as well as the Austria Congress Center, in which major conferences take place. For those interested, there are tours in German and English Monday through Friday.

Asperner Siegesplatz

A bit of history is also necessary: To commemorate the Battle of Aspern-Essling in 1809, in which Austrian troops conquered the troops of Napoleon, a large monument was erected here: the “Aspern Lion” – a dying lion whose front paws continue to hold the Napoleonic eagle.

Donauzentrum – a tip in case of inclement weather

You can easily spend the whole day at Vienna’s largest shopping center. In addition to an enormous amount of shopping available, you’ll find restaurants, movie theaters and a disco.

Alte Donau

Why not slip in a day at the pool? At the “Alte Donau” (Old Danube) – a former distributary of the Danube River – are two typically Viennese bathing beaches, the Gänsehäufel and the Arbeiterstrandbad, which is publicly accessible as of this year. Moreover, you can rent a rowboat or paddleboat, or just relax and watch the sailors or rowers.

Neue Donau



This “active” distributary of the Danube came about from excavating the Donauinsel and provides floodwater protection. Today, it has become a 20 km long recreational paradise for the Viennese – the bicycle paths are well-connected to the city center and lead to Lobau.

Vienna skyline

This part of Vienna, with the Danube River and the skyscrapers in the background, is a very popular photo subject. The ideal position is on Floridsdorfer Brücke (tram line 2, final stop, Friedrich-Engel-Platz). In the morning, behind the DC Tower, Vienna’s tallest building, the sun comes up and in the evening the light of the setting sun dips into a pictorial red.

A snapshot of the DC Tower

A snapshot of the DC Tower

Hirschstetten Flower Gardens

I saved the best for last: Mr. Sujeranovic’s favorite place is the Hirschstetten Flower Gardens…. Since a description is well beyond the scope of today’s blog entry, I’ll share more next week!

Hopefully you’re now curious!

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