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A heart’s desire has been fulfilled

‘Stiftung Kindertraum’ makes wishes come true

Over the last years our cooperation with the ‘Stifung Kindertraum’ (Foundation for disabled children) has become a fine tradition for us. Instead of buying expensive Christmas-cards we are pleased to fulfil a heart’s desire of very special kids.

Stiftung Kindertraum

Stiftung Kindertraum

For many years the Schick Hotels have supported the Stiftung Kindertraum, an organisation that makes wishes of ill children and children with special needs come true. The original idea – to invest the Christmas cards budget in a donation to Stiftung Kindertraum – has become a regular institution at the Schick Hotels.

This year we could enable the 5-years old Lorenz from Vienna a ‚crawling aid‘. This special equipment with integrated spring system and adjustable height is optimally adapt to Lorenz, builds up his muscles and helps him to move autonomously. After his successful hip surgery he can already use it and practises each day with his parents, who do everything to offer him the most autonomy.

We are very pleased to support Lorenz and make his life a bit easier – on behalf of all our guests, customers and our staff.

In this spirit we wish you – dear reader of this blog –
a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016!

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