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Schick Hotels & Restaurants Vienna and Labonca Biohof – For the Future

In the Name of Animal Welfare, Sustainability and Good Taste

For the Schick Hotels & Restaurants Vienna, social engagement and the sustainable use of nature and the existing resources have always been very important. For example, we have supported the Kindertraum Foundation for many years, have been a FAIRTRADE partner for almost 15 years and have the Austrian Ecolabel in all five companies.

In the three Schick RestaurantsRestaurant Stefanie, Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft and the awarded Gourmet Restaurant Das Schick – the focus is on regional and seasonal products, preferably organic and of the highest quality, to prepare the traditional Viennese and creative Austrian-Spanish specialties and culinary delights with which we indulge our guests. The new cooperation with Labonca Biohof organic farm is another step in this direction. The Schick Hotels & Restaurants are currently the only Viennese hotel company cooperating with the Labonca Biohof.

At the “kingdom” of the Sonnenschweine (sun pigs) (c) Labonca Biohof GmbH

The Labonca Biohof and the Project “Mein Sonnenschwein” (My Sun Pig)

“Labonca” is the old Slavic name for Lafnitz and means something like “The white shining”. Lafnitz provides the so-called “Sonnenschwein” with a natural home and the organic farm in Burgau, in the middle of the Lafnitz valley, gives it its name.

The specially bred Labonca Sonnenschweine (Sun Pigs = free-range pigs) spend their entire lives as they should, out in the open on an extensive free-range farm (250,000 m² grazing area). “The Labonca animals are allowed to live out their natural needs, grow up and feel truly happy,” explains organic farmer Norbert Hackl. Galloping, wallowing, nesting and rooting – that makes the animals happy.

On top of that: Before the animals that have been reserved for the partner companies are slaughtered, they are allowed to spend time on the 8,000 m² slaughterhouse pasture. There, they are given several days to explore the environment, so that they can live out their basic needs and feel good. In addition to the feeding grounds, drinking troughs and sleep shelters, the pasture also includes a 250 m² house with an integrated processing building, the slaughterhouse. This house contains the technology, the cold rooms and the adjacent processing rooms. The animals are stunned at the feeding grounds where they are fed daily. This is directly adjacent to the house, so the animals are spared a long transport route and remain completely stress-free and without fear, which naturally affects the quality of the meat.

Our visit at Labonca Biohof. Left to right: Gerasimos Kavalieris, Sabine Rahm-Lehner, Cornelia Jarosch, Norbert Hackl, GM Peter Buocz, Anton Kormanak and Christoph Braunstein.

Our visit of the “SCHICK” Sonnenschweine

The Schick Hotels & Restaurants have already placed our “pre-order”: Currently, our Sonnenschweine are growing happily at their home on Labonca Biohof. We personally checked to make sure our animals have everything they need: On August 20th, 2019, the three Schick chefs Anton Kormanak (Hotel & Restaurant Stefanie), Christoph Braunstein (Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft) and Gerasimos Kavalieris (Restaurant Das Schick) together with Peter Buocz (Director of Schick Hotels & Restaurants), Sabine Rahm-Lehner (Sales & Marketing Manager) and yours truly visited the Labonca Biohof. And just like the Sonneschweine, we felt welcome and happy as a pig in mud.

Indulgence with a Clear Conscience

Lucky “Sonnenschwein” (sun pig) (c) Labonca Biohof GmbH

The idea of sustainability and the use of all resources are an important factor for us in this cooperation. The entire pig is processed and every piece is used (nose to tail). Sometime in the middle of September 2019, the Schick restaurants will offer the finest dishes from Labonca Sonnenschwein on their menus and treat our guests to culinary delights. Certainly something to look forward to…

In addition, ham, salami and more from the “Labonca” Sonnenschwein will add even more quality and flavor to the breakfast buffet in the restaurant Das Schick, located on the 12th floor of the Hotel Am Parkring. For a breakfast, in the truest sense of the word, at the highest level!

We are already looking forward to introducing you to the “Labonca” Sonnenschwein specialties of the Schick Restaurants and telling you how the story continues.

More to follow!



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