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Cornelia Jarosch

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In Schick Insights, the authors write as insiders of the Schick Hotels and as genuine experts on Vienna. Each author sees the beautiful city of Vienna with different eyes. All of them incorporate their experiences and daily impressions from everyday hotel life and report on their highly personal insights from Vienna.

Cornelia Jarosch has managed marketing for the Schick Hotels & Restaurants since 2003, with a special emphasis on the restaurant area. In Vienna Insights, she writes about her special topic, fine dining. She’ll reveal historical details and insiders’ tips on Viennese cuisine, as well as delectable recipes from the Schick chefs. What’s more, Ms. Jarosch will let you know of the culinary events in Vienna that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Connoisseurs also won’t miss out on tips. Moreover, she’ll report on various events and excursion destinations that the beautiful city of Vienna has to offer children and youth.

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