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Greetings from the Schick Hotels Vienna!

Dir. Peter Buocz and Dr. Martin Schick at Hotel Stefanie Vienna

Dear friends of the Schick Hotels,

I truly hope, that you and all your loved ones are healthy! Today I would like to share a picture from the Hotel Stefanie with you. It was taken a few years ago, on the occasion of my 50th birthday. You can see on the color of the façade, that this photograph isn’t a new one but was taken before the hotel’s renovation.

Together we’ll make it.

I received that picture as a gift from my employees and I was very happy about it. That time, the banner on the bottom held birthday wishes, but due to the present situation we, General Manager Peter Buocz and I, have changed it into “TOGETHER WE’LL MAKE IT”.

It was a sad moment for all of us, when we had to temporarily close our hotels. Especially the close-down of our main house was an emotional and moving moment for me. My great-grandfather had bought the Hotel Stefanie and I grew up in the Stefanie. It is the oldest hotel in Vienna and throughout its 420 years of history had always remained opened.

What I like most about this picture is that it expresses exactly what is important now:
Now we all have to stick together and overcome that crisis as a unit, within our families, the company, the society and within the whole world.

We already work devotedly to create new offers, so that your stay in our hotels will be even more unique and unforgettable. It is important to emphasize, that we also work very eagerly on adaptations for our hygiene standards, so that you can feel 100% safe and good when staying with us.

My whole team and I are looking forward to this moment, in which we can re-open our hotels and restaurants and to welcome you back – healthy and happy.

And YES, this time will come!

I wish you all the best, health & luck!
See you soon!

Dr. Martin Schick and the team of the
Schick Hotels Vienna


Persons shown in the main picture: f.l.t.r. Gen.Manager Peter Buocz, Dr. Martin Schick infront of the reception of the Hotel Stefanie

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