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New in Vienna: House of Strauss

Strauss-Hall ©Casino Zögernitz, Sima Prodinger

A Museum for the King of the Waltz Strauss in Vienna

At the end of October 2023, the long-awaited new museum for the king of the waltz was opened: The House of Strauss. Vienna, the undisputed capital of music, is thus enriched by a unique musical experience. The lavishly restored Casino Zögernitz, where the Strauss family conducted and played, features an interactive exhibition that immerses visitors in the history of the Strauss dynasty.

Waltz king Johann Strauss II – the world’s first pop star

Everyone knows it, probably the most famous work of the composer dynasty Johann Strauss and Sons: “The blue Danube”. But this work is only the pinnacle of an extensive repertoire of this family of musicians. The House of Strauss is dedicated to this repertoire, to the lavish ball and concert nights of yesteryear, and to Vienna’s role as a leading musical capital.

House of Strauss ©Denis Košutić & Lea Titz

House of Strauss ©Denis Košutić & Lea Titz

During your visit you will dive from room to room deeper into the 19th century, into magnificent ballrooms and sonorous concert halls. The modern multimedia staging appeals to all the senses and offers, among other things, a digital music stand or interactive hands-on stations.

The history of the Danube Waltz is presented in the octagon of Casino Zögernitz. From there you enter the Strauss Hall, which has been faithfully restored to its original state and boasts brilliant acoustics. On 350 m² you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a glittering ball and concert night accompanied by the most famous pieces of the Strauss dynasty.

Concerts and Events at the House of Strauss

Since special attention was paid to the acoustics in the carefully renovated ballroom of the Gartenpalais Zögernitz, it is also a sought-after venue today. Here one sits in the original historical rooms, at tables and on the original chairs of the Strauss lounges. A concert experience in a class of its own. Concerts are being planned.

The Strauss family at Casino Zögernitz

Opened in 1837, Casino Zögernitz was a popular meeting place for the best Viennese society.
Johann Strauss organized a grand Viennese folk festival for the first time in 1850 with a glittering ball in the magnificent premises. The Strauss Hall was then the venue for numerous concerts by the brothers Johann and Eduard Strauss.

Culinary break in the House of Strauss

You can take place at the restaurant at Casino Zögernitz under the motto “Simple Viennese Cuisine at the Highest Level”. Strengthen yourself with newly interpreted dishes, which have been popular since the K&K times, before you start your way back or continue your sightseeing day in Vienna.

Opening hours House of Strauss

Strauss memorial at Stadtpark Vienna

Strauss memorial at Stadtpark Vienna

Museum, at Casino Zögernitz, Döblinger Hauptstraße 76, 1190 Vienna
Tue-Sun: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Holidays: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Public transportation to the museum

From Schick Hotels Vienna, take the U4 subway in the direction of Heiligenstadt and get off at station”Spittelau”. From there it is a 10 minute walk to the House of Strauss. By the way, the Johann Strauss monument in the Stadtpark is located directly at the U4 (station “Stadtpark”), so you can easily travel directly from one sight to the next.


Header picture: Strauss-Hall ©Casino Zögernitz, Sima Prodinger

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