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Viennese cuisine with history

Culinary trip into the past and present

What do you usually eat for Sunday dinner? Do you prefer light, creative crossover cuisine or typically Austrian cuisine such as Wiener schnitzel, Sunday roast or prime boiled beef, like your mother used to make?

If you’re among the latter species, there’s no reason to hide: According to a study by NetKellner.at, Wiener schnitzel is the leader among domestic cuisine (ahead of cordon bleu and fried chicken), and 37% of all Austrians mention Wiener schnitzel as their absolute favorite dish (according to a recent survey by marketagent.com).

You’re thus in the best company, and a very broad one at that. The “classics” have not lost their attraction over all the years of their existence. I, too, catch myself at regular intervals (in particular whenever my mom cooks the Sunday meal) blissfully consuming a delicately fried Wiener schnitzel or succulent roast pork.

As history-minded people, at some point the question had to be raised: Where do these traditional delicacies come from? Who imagined them and how did they arise? Since when have we eaten each dish? I set off in search of clues and came upon interesting, amusing, surprising and enjoyable stories and legends that I’m unable to keep to myself.

In the following entries, accompany me on my way to popular, legendary and perhaps even entirely new side glances at historical Viennese cuisine. If you have a comment to contribute, I’d be happy to read it.

Send me your favorite Viennese dish – I’m curious! Perhaps there’s a very special story behind your personal favorite dish…

Coming soon on the topic of “Recipes with History”: Wiener Schnitzel – VIP of Viennese Cuisine

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