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Jewish Jokes

That everybody likes to laugh is a fact of human nature. In principle, you might say that the most important thing about a good Jewish joke is that it is constructive and does not insult or demean others.


I thought it would be a funny idea to share my three favorite jokes with others and inspire some of you to laugh.

1.) A religious Jew, 105 years of age, suddenly no longer came to the synagogue. Fearing that something had happened to the old man, the rabbi went to him right away. Finding him in the best of

health, the rabbi asked him, “Why are you suddenly no longer coming to the synagogue after so many years?”

The old man looked about carefully and then whispered into the rabbi’s ear, “Do you know that when I turned 90 I expected God to call me to him. Then again, when I turned 95, then 100, and now even 105. I thought God must be very busy and must have forgotten me. I don’t wish to remind him anymore.”


2.) The Catholic priest asked the rabbi, “When are you finally going to eat pork?”

The rabbi replied, “At your wedding, Reverend!”


3.) On Yom Kippur, the day of reconciliation, Kalman caught a glimpse of his competitor and enemy in the prayer room, extended his hand to him in reconciliation, and said, “I wish you everything you wish upon me!”

“Are you starting yet again?!”

I hope I’ve given you a taste…

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