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Child labor at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Technology)

Technisches Museum

“In Arbeit” (“Work in Progress”) – the collaborative exhibition at the Technisches Museum Wien

If you really want to get to know the Technisches Museum in Vienna, it pays to get an annual ticket. The various exhibitions are spread out over four floors and it’s worth taking time for them. For children, there’s a choice of tours and workshops, and if you hurry you can catch the collaborative exhibition “IN ARBEIT” (“Work in Progress”), which I’m happy to recommend to you.

Technisches Museum Vienna

Technisches Museum Vienna

With “Cool! 500 m² just for us,” the Technisches Museum advertises to children and piques our curiosity. Having said that, the exhibition is made with plenty of love and is well thought-out. Upon displaying our ID at the information desk directly in the exhibition, we receive a mobile phone with which we can photograph the QR codesin order to solve a puzzle at the end. We can also geta “workbook” (1 euro extra) that accompanies us through the stations.

We end up at a construction site with the appropriate jobs, work in a factory and learn how machines have made life so much easier. We feel and hear a healthy workplace and learn how workplace safety works.

Money & patience

Things get interesting when they involve spending money. What can I afford? A villa, a studio apartment, a car or a bicycle? Here is my appeal to all visitors to the exhibition:Take your time and read the instructions. That way it will really be fun. Even if a doctor earns good money, he or she still can’t afford every available consumer good. Find out for yourself!

You should take two to three hours for the exhibition, perhaps with a little break in between. The tables in front of the exhibition are a good place to take a break; you don’t have to go to the very echoey restaurant area.

Round things off with a brief panoramic tour through the Technisches Museum – for your viewing pleasure. Repeat visits are a must!


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