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A day at Cobenzl – an excursion for the whole family

Lebensbaumkreis Am Himmel

You’re guaranteed to not be bored during a family excursion to Cobenzl

I’ve already ranked this the first among my personal tips in my article on my favorite vantage points over Vienna. Cobenzl is a wonderful place to spend a whole day – perfect for an excursion with the whole family.

The Cobenzl?

The 492-meter-high Latisberg in Vienna’s 19th District (Döbling), as well as the 382-meter-high Reisenberg right next to the Latisberg, are together called the Cobenzl in Viennese vernacular. Wikipedia At the end of the 18th century, Count Johann Philipp Cobenzl acquired the buildings of the rescinded Jesuit order on the Reisenberg, had them converted into a palace, and built a dairy farm in addition to it. The property was made accessibly to the public and the dairy farm’s products sold in the city. The estate thereby became highly popular, the Reisenberg was henceforth referred to colloquially almost exclusively as Cobenzl, and nowadays it is popular for family excursions. Wikipedia

The view of Vienna

Drive on Höhenstrasse up to the Cobenzl parking lot, or with the bus 38A if you wish to be environmentally friendly. From there, you already have a terrific view of Vienna.

The children’s farm

The Vienna Cobenzl children’s farm (Landgut Wien Cobenzl) is open year-round. You’ll be accompanied by the sounds of billy goats and sheep bleating, cows mooing and horses whinnying. On tours, you can also have a look around the stalls. In the Landgut Stüberl, right by the entrance, there are homemade cakes and rustic delicacies as refreshments.

The arbor vitae circle

40 arbor vitae trees were planted here in 1997. In front of every tree is information on its properties. Find “your” tree here.

The great adventure playground

Am Himmel” (“in heaven”). Here, children can let loose, while parents can relax comfortably in the meadow or over coffee at the café restaurant Oktogon in the immediate vicinity.

I wish you a love end to your summer. Here are a couple additional tips:

Bee Festival Am Himmel: October 6 and 7, 2012
Pumpkin Festival Am Himmel, October 26-28, 2012

Picture: Vasek Kadlec


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