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Vienna “Weinwandertag” (Wine Hiking Day)

Viennese Wine

The vineyards surrounding Vienna cordially invite you!

At the Vienna Weinwandertag, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the vineyards surrounding Vienna on two hiking trails. In addition to the pleasure of hiking in the fresh air, you’ll continually get wonderful outlooks on the city of Vienna and, moreover, you’ll have many opportunities to try one or another good wine or stop for a rest at a wine tavern.

We slowly have to bid farewell to the summer. One or another falling leaf is definitely announcing autumn. But not so fast… we call this season “Altweibersommer” (Indian summer), the period in September that is distinguished for its high-pressure areas, stable weather and a warm finale to the summer. The temporarily drier weather makes clear views possible and intensifies the falling of leaves and their coloring (source: Wikipedia, translated in english)

Doesn’t that sound enticing?

Hiking season at Vienna’s vineyards

Every year, the Vienna Weinwandertag takes place exactly during this time. This year, the dates are:

Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29, 2013
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

What’s special about the Vienna Weinwandertag is that both trails are really only accessible on this weekend, since they lead through private vineyards that are inaccessible during the rest of the year.

from Neustift to Nussdorf

from Neustift to Nussdorf

Two routes are available:

From Neustift am Walde to Nussdorf (19th District)

Route 1 – south of the Danube – leads from Neustift am Walde (bus 35A) through Sievering, the winery Wien Cobenzl and Grinzing to Nussdorf (tram D). The roughly 11 kilometer-long trail leads through the 19th District’s old vineyards and is studded with beautiful panoramic views, some of them extending into the area of the Donau-Auen National Park.

From Strebersdorf to Stammersdorf (21st District)

from Strebersdorf to Stammersdorf

from Strebersdorf to Stammersdorf

Route 2 – north of the Danube – runs nearly 10 kilometers from Strebersdorf (tram 26, bus 32A) through Magdalenenhof and the Senderstrasse up to the popular wine tavern area of Stammersdorf (trams 30 and 31). The path at the foot of the Bisamberg offers beautiful views of Vienna and the Danube Valley (Donautal) and is guaranteed to end with a stop at one of the numerous wine taverns in Stammersdorf.

Of course, with both routes it’s also possible to hike along only part of the path or to shorten the route. The trails are suitable for old and young alike and for the most part are even baby stroller-friendly. (See shortcuts on the maps.)

Viennese wine

Vienna has more than 700 hectares of vineyards. This is unique for a major city. Approximately 230 vintners cultivate this area of Kahlenberg, Nussberg, Bisamberg and Mauer. The Danube and the nearby Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) create an ideal microclimate for “Viennese wine,” which in recent years has been able to capture the international market.

Incidentally, the Schick Restaurants offer a large selection of Viennese wines to match many typical Viennese dishes!

The only thing left is to cross your fingers (actually we “press our thumbs” in Austria) and hope the weather plays nice, so there’s nothing standing in the way of a enjoyable hiking.

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